Diamond Quest Camp Journal

United Parachute Club, PA Apr. 12th

by Frank Matrone

"Those who practice for Diamond Quest at United Parachute club" (the name I picked) have chosen another name. "United Diamonds" held another camp on the weekend of April 12. In all 14 participants attended. Jean DeChristopher was a vergin (to CReW anyway). Carloyn, Chuck and Dan DelSordo are low timers. Mike and Gary are members of the 4-way team VooDoo CReW but new to DQ. Nasser, Schantz and Aleth attended but were prenatally sidelined.

The weather was actually better then we expected!! We did get winded out on Sunday (but got to practice our one bounce skills - and we need practice). Most people made about seven jumps between Friday and Saturday.

Jean did a great job and got to do some off set flying and got her 4stack award as did Carolyn. Chuck already had the basics and was on some bigger stuff. Dan D. filled in where ever we needed him.

Several 6 and 8 ways were put together due in a large part to our new pilot TED. One 9 way came close but Chico showed us how over amping works. We did have one wrap which resulted in a cut away and Mal severely spraining his neck. He should make a full recovery but was forced to sit out the rest of the weekend.

I am impressed with the ability everyone showed at this camp. Dan, Eduardo, Chico, and Mal were all hanging some great wings. We always try to learn and grow and I think we accomplished that at this camp. For most of us up north this was the first serious CReW of the season. It was nice to fall back into the grove and work with everybody again. I'm looking forward to a great season this year at United and everywhere I jump with DQ. United is flying a twin Otter all season so join us at any camp you can make. We would love to have you as part of "United Diamonds".