Diamond Quest Camp Journal

Peachstate Skydiving Covington, GA May 18th

by Pat Lindner

The May PSSC DQ camp was a hot & fun weekend. 21 crwdogs showed up.. which included some new friends from Argentina & Brazil.

Jump platforms were a Kingair & Cessna. 10 single point 16/17 ways were attempted.. and the majority did build. The dives were not engineered for success but were more so designed to broaden experience levels & give new challenges. No starbursts this weekend.. the breakdowns were single point and for training purposes so we can eventually start getting it right.

The third dive on Sunday, a 17way diamond, completed very high & pilot Rich Hall rotated it 180 degrees so all the RW dogs & ground hogs could have a good look.

Sunday saw two wraps. On the second dive a wrap in the quad resulted in one cutaway. And on the last jump a hot dock by a 3rd row wing caused a rather violent 6/7 person wrap which resulted in 3 cutaways. Sunday was a hard day for Frank Bender.