Diamond Quest Camp Journal

PeachState Skydiving, GA September 21st

by Pat Lindner

17 CRWdogs showed. The jump platforms were the usual King Air & Cessner..

After a little arm twisting, Brad & Jerry decided they'd start making more of the practices. Welcome back guys.

We made 3 jumps Saturday morn before the weather came in and rained on our parade. All three formations built.. but they never got really close to completing the second point..

Audrey, sporting a new "short & sassy" haircut, came down & had a raging love affair all weekend -- with her brand-new Prodigy 150..

Red & Rich test jumped a prodigy with "flaperons"... hearsay around the packing area was... "they don't seem to work very well"

Kirk VanZandt is fast becoming a seasoned wing flyer... the dog consistently hangs it first time every time. He's leaking the word he wants the "real glory slot"... hanging a 7th row wing so he can then handle the 8th row wing! No dive too tuff, eh Kirko budso?

When are the pilots of the trail aircraft going to learn they should

N E V E R___F L Y___I N___F R O N T___O F___T H E___F O R M A T I O N?

We made 3 jumps on Sunday morning. The first jump was a 16 way with the Department of Interior pulling out... the resulting frame was rather light & squirrely so we "broke it down broke it down." The second jump was uneventful. On the 3rd jump, the Almighty Jack John gets wrapped by the 3rd row right wing. Both breakaway... yet the mains stay strategically attached... ie, one main remains perfectly inflated and the other balls up at its risers (to provide added weight & drive) and carries both mains in a straight line over the horizon. As of late Sunday both Prods are lost... & a 3 hour hunt via cars & Cessner yields nothing..