Diamond Quest Camp Journal

Peach State Skydiving, GA Mar. 22nd

by Pat Lindner

We arose before the sun for yet another weekend of CRW.. & we hit the ground running. Two dozen dogs showed. Pilot Rich Hall announced himself the new Airboss & then proceeded to pay well, command well, and hang well. (OK.. maybe he didn't pay so well..) Jump platforms were an Otter & the usual Cessner. Blue skies the entire weekend. Winds were light to moderate except for a little honking midday Saturday. We made 9 jumps; 5 on Saturday & 4 on Sunday.

Most dives were 20 ways, i.e. 16 ways diamonds with row five wings & their lockups. 7 of the 9 dives built to completion & the two that did not were only one or two slots shy of complete. No wraps, no cutaways & only one minor whirly which immediately cleared.

What's Cool with the Base these days: Being on time. Arching. Observing the landing pattern & landing alike, regardless of wind direction. Packing instead of yakking. Not making the same mistake once.

What's not: Slow hands. Rockets without fins. Being physically pfffftt. Casually drinking a beer (at the end of the day of course) while Joe watches video of you making a 100 yard abort.

Pat Lindner